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Typically, it is referred to be the fastest emulator for Android smartphones since it replicates the PS2’s gameplay as quickly as possible. It is compatible with the vast majority of Android devices and does not need a BIOS file. Golden PS2 is one of the most popular PlayStation 2 emulators available for Android. It is one of the best ps2 emulator android available, and it has all of the essential elements for a satisfying gaming experience.

  • They are emulators you can run directly from your browser window.
  • Now, you’ll have to define a button combination that will allow you to access the in-game Pause menu.
  • As mentioned before, different computers and games require different setups.

Before you do anything else, you must decide what kind of games you would like to play. There are different emulators available for almost every older console but you will have to download them individually as they come from different developers. There are no emulators available for consoles of the current generation. From the previous generation, only the Wii has a decent emulator available. The ones for PS3 and Xbox 360 support a handful of games only and they are not worth the trouble.

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Its frontend is the best of any retro gaming frontend that I’ve used, and the automatic scraper does a phenomenal job accurately identifying games. As such, there was very little post-installation media cleanup. I really appreciated the ability to use LaunchBox as a comprehensive frontend for my retro games, Steam library, and GOG titles. Head over to the RetroArch website, or your preferred emulator site. On the downloads page, select the appropriate installer for your system, in this case Windows 10.


Emulators are fine in the same way media players are legal, just because you could use them to watch illegally downloaded movies or play dumped roms/iso doesn’t make the software illegal. This emulator allows users to run the games from mainstream retro consoles and all Nintendo Ds games such as 3DS, Atari and others. There are a lot of reasons to get a PlayStation 2 emulator that aren’t wrong. Many countries are considering, or are currently fighting region encoding because it is generally considered to be against general consumer rights. In fact, I believe Australia is making major headway to eliminate DVD region encoding within its own country.

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The only legal way to do this is by ripping it from your own PS2 console, which can take quite a while. Downloading a BIOs file is an alternative option, but is illegal, so we recommend against doing so. If a system isn’t covered by one of the emulators on this list, we recommend the corresponding RetroArch core. In particular, PS1 emulation and older are all superb in RetroArch and arguably better than any standalone solutions. Dolphin is our top pick, thanks to its unparalleled compatibility, extensive feature set, and stellar performance.

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Now that Xbox Dev Mode is activated, and Retroarch is fully installed, you’ll need to find some PS1 games. This involves downloading PlayStation bios and finding PlayStation ROMs. Once you find those, you’ll be able to get PlayStation games running. The market of video games is enormous, and it does not stop to grow.