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  • The Zildjian S cymbal line is the successor to Zildjian’s ZHT series – once long-standing favored entry-level series.
  • The subtler qualities are what make them great for softer styles of music.
  • The Zildjian 18” A Custom crash allows for delicate and nuanced playing.

Since this line was developed specifically for entry-level drummers on a tight budget, the quality you get for the money is acceptable. The S cymbals are available in various weights and diameters, and the sheer volume is impressive itself. The B12 alloy which Zildjian uses for the S series gives these cymbals a shimmer and shine you won’t be able to find in affordable cymbals. Like the rest of the A Family Cymbals, A Custom also shares that bright and sweet sound.

Thoughts On zildjian Vs Sabian

Similarly, additional goods like as zildjian cymbals. There are many zildjian cymbals items accessible today for men and women seeking quality and reliability. Every zildjian cymbals model follows the same essential premise. The Zildjian A Customs produce that classic cymbal sound that everyone knows. They’re not too dark or bright, sitting somewhere in the middle.

K Series Sweet Ride Cymbal

My idea is to write about the things I like and I am interested in. I want to share my drum passion with fellow musicians who walk, talk, and breathe drums. The L80 Low Volume cymbals are a perfect choice for drummers who don’t want to have noise problems with other people while playing. I series replaced the ZBT line since the company realized ZBT wasn’t delivering all the things today’s drummers were expecting.

Zildjian K Custom Special Dry Cymbal Set

But are they zildjian cymbals worth our money? We weighed the stability and control of a zildjian cymbals in determining its performance. All these drummers use a wide array of cymbals from Zildjian. Something that used to surprise me was that the most famous and successful drummers will still use cymbals from the lower-tier lines. Zildjian offers several unique effects cymbals that many drummers use.

Zildjian Low Volume Accessory Set

Meinl has a lot more dry and musically complex cymbals whereas Zildjian has cymbals with that classic sound that most drummers are looking for. The second most popular lines from Zildjian are the A and A Custom cymbals. You’ll often find drummers mixing A Customs and K Customs to get a variety of cymbal tones across their drum kits. It’s difficult to predict future price changes.

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